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Design And Consultation

Our in-house experienced software and hardware team will give you the solution for your Networking needs. This also means better communication and quicker finish for your project. We will do a survey into the project location if needed for better understanding.


Our IT Infrastructure engineering team will install your Networking and IT system, such as Fiber Optic Splicing, OTDR Test, ensuring it is fully operational.

Annual and Preventive Maintenance

We provide the finest IT service in all over Indonesia. This can help you achieve your competitive advantage without worrying about unnecessary hassle's which would decrease your productivity.

Trouble Shooting

Our team is well-equipped with highly qualified experts who have been rectifying and maintaining the IT equipment and availability of spare parts, proper coordination, technical expertise and support capabilities across a wide range of products. 


Correct commissioning of devices in applications is critical to optimize the plan performance. The unit will run better from the first day if the device is specified, installed and commissioned in a proper way.